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What is Anti Bullet Glass?

Anti bullet glass is a composite product consisting of at least three glass panes of glass joined together using various synthetic binding between layers. The manufacturing is done under such high pressure and temperature that the binding layers weld the various panes of glass permanently.

As a laminated safety glass, is usually made from a combination of two or more types of glass, selected for different properties such as hardness and elasticity. When impacted, the laminated layers of glass behave differently, the harder layers stopping the projectile while the softer more elastic layers flex, absorb energy and prevent shattering.

anti bullet glass that has been shot

How Does Bullet Proof Glass Work?

Bullet proof glass usually uses alternating layers of plastic to absorb the force of an impact. First, the bullet will typically pierce the first layer of material. However, the next layer of polycarbonate plastic will provide much more resistance, and the bullet’s energy will be dissipated upon impact. If there is still enough force being applied by the bullet, the bullet will pierce the next layer of material. This process continues until either a layer of plastic stops the bullet, or until the bullet emerges through the barrier—with far, far less energy propelling it forward. At this point, even if the bullet pierces the bullet proof glass its velocity will be decreased significantly, protecting those on the other side.

SDG bullet proof glass with extremely high bullet resistance levels and crystal-clear transparency.

SDG bullet proof glass

What Are The Advantages of Anti Bullet Glass?

Acoustic Comfort

The laminated anti bullet glass composite of the glass increases the acoustic value compared to ordinary glass with the same thickness.

Thermal Comfort:

The anti bullet laminated safety glass increases thermal comfort.

UV Protection

The anit bullet glass folio stops all UV rays and thus protects against discoloration of the exposed.

Viewing Comfort

Provides full transparency of anti bullet glass for simple viewing.

Anti Bullet Glass Application

Anti bullet glass is typically used in windows and doors of buildings that require security as well as in military and private vehicles. SDG Anti bullet glass is especially suited to applications that call for security and peace of mind with no compromise to the aesthetic appeal and clear view provided. with extremely high bulletproof levels and crystal-clear transparency.

We can also produce oversized anti bullet glass in all conceivable formats, you open the architecture with modern, large area window fronts and absolute bulletproof glass everywhere where you planned in the past walls for safety reasons.

  • ✪ Public areas (airports, train stations, shopping centers, offices, etc.)
  • ✪ Banks, cash transfer access areas, currency exchange offices
  • ✪ Museums
  • ✪ Police stations, prisons, etc.
  • ✪ Hotels
  • ✪ Munitions depots, armories
  • ✪ Security headquarters, embassies, consulates.

for bank

anti bullet glass for bank

anti bullet glass for home

How Much is Bulletproof Glass

There are some important factors affecting the cost:

1. Level of Protection

First, you must define the level of protection you require from bulletproof glass. Bulletproof glass panels come with different levels of precision, starting from UL Level 1 to UL Level 8.

UL Level 2 to UL Level 3-rated bullet-resistant glass suits the best for residential usage. Whereas for commercial usage, UL Level 3 onwards glass would be more suitable. So, the protection level here can raise the cost of bulletproof glass.

2. Glass Type and Thickness

Like the level of protection, the glass type and thickness can also raise the cost of bulletproof glass. Similarly, the type of glass you opt for also varies the overall installation cost here. In this regard, secure insulated glass panels tend to cost more than other bulletproof glass.

3. Dimensions of the Glass

Last but not least, the dimensions of bulletproof glass also vary its cost. Here, the formula for cost calculation is simple. The larger the size of the bulletproof, the more premium price you will have to pay for it.

SDG glass product

SDG glass product

To sum it up, our anti bullet glass products are designed to protect and withstand the toughest conditions. Our manufacturing process is backed by years of experience in the industry and we guarantee our customers complete satisfaction with all of our products. We offer a variety of bulletproof glass for different needs, depending on your budget and specifications. As well, our lead times for production and delivery are one of the quickest in the market, ensuring that you get your order delivered in no time. We also offer some discounts on larger orders along with warranties and guarantees to make sure that you’re happy with your purchase.

With this information in mind, we hope you can make an informed decision to choose Shenzhen Dragon Glass as your go-to partner for bulletproof glass solutions.

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