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Stronger, Safer, and Clearer laminated glass solution


SGP (SentryGlas Plus) is another popular security interlayer used in laminated glass, with increased strength and security. 5x stronger than traditional laminated glass, tolerates high-stress loads, reducing the need for additional supports. Moisture-resistant, eliminating the need for edge framing. UV-resistant, eliminating any fear of a cloudy or yellowing interlayer. Thinner, larger panels of SGP still absorb more impact than other options. It may come with a slightly larger price tag, but given its strength, durability, and visual consistency, the added value far outweighs the cost.

30 Years+ Of Experience In Laminated Glass Production

Shenzhen Dragon Glass offers a vast selection of SGP interlayer options to meet your specific requirements.

Size range

Oversize Glass Configurations available up to 3300mm*13000mm.

SGP Thickness Options

0.76mm, 0.89mm, 1.52mm, 2.28mm, etc 

Glass Types Options

Tinted glass, Energy-saving glass, Decorative glass, Curved glass, Insulated glass, etc

SGP Laminated Glass Characteristics

Safety, Security, Durability, UV Control, ect.

SGP laminated Glass Applications

Safety glass for rigs, refineries, tankers, and ships, Hurricane glass, Transportation glass, Security glass, Floor glass, Glass bridge, etc.

Shape Options

Flat and Curved.

Components and Enhancements


Discover our wide range of glass edgework options and let our team fulfill your specific requirements

Notches & Cutouts

Submit your drawings and let us fulfill all your requirements.


Our team drilling ensure precision in every hole to meet your requirements.

Glass Options

Discover the perfect glass combination for optimal performance.

Various Glass Thickness Options

SGP is usually used on multi-layer laminated glass for more security needs.

Samples & Mockup

Please feel free to reach out to us for SGP laminated glass samples before beginning mass production.

everything you may want to know about SGP laminated glass

Dupont. SGP is also called SentryGlas Plus, which is one kind of high-performance laminated material developed by Dupont, Kuarary acquired Dupont at the end of 2014.

SentryGlas Plus interlayer laminated glass also knows as SGP laminated glass. SentryGlas is used in facades where high strength is required. If the glass is broken, the laminate keeps its form. The Sentry Glass material is 100 times stiffer and 5 times tougher than traditional laminate.

SGP is an ionoplast interlayer which means it is not compatible with other interlayers, you cannot combine SGP with PVB/EVA based interlayers when manufacturing custom laminated glass.

The interlayer is 5 x stronger and up to 100 x stiffer than regular laminates such as PVB. This option provides the highest level of structural performance and edge stability for finished glass applications

Compared with PVB and SGP, EVA has better fluidity, lower melting temperature, and can be processed at temperatures up to 110 °C. SGP is called the ionic interlayer film (SentryGlas Plus), which is a high-performance interlayer developed by DuPont.

It is a clear, strong, and durable material that can withstand high impacts and extreme temperatures. The thickness of the SGP interlayer can vary, while the SGP interlayer from 0.76mm, 0.89mm, 1.52mm, 2.28mm, etc.

Laminated glass sound reduction occurs because of the interlayer that prevents noise from transmitting through the layers, offering peace and quiet where it’s needed. Laminated glass sound reduction is largely dependent on the thickness of the glass and inner layer.

Believe it or not, SGP laminated glass is the strongest option on the market – even stronger than cable or rod railing.

SDG SGP Laminated Glass Product Gallery