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Super Safe Glass Combination

THE Multiple layers laminated glass

Multiple Layers Laminated Glass is composed of at least three panes of glass by PVB or SGP film. It has a much higher thermal shock resistance than float laminated glass. When the pane breaks, the small fragments with blunt edges generally remain stuck to the PVB or SGP film. It is difficult to pierce the film, which considerably reduces the risk of injury. Multiple layers of glass and interlayers fused together help deter, deflect, and protect individuals and property from different forms of attack. This finds a wide market for any type of building, vehicle, or machine that requires a specific level of added protection.

30 Years+ Of Experience In Laminated Glass Production

Shenzhen Dragon Glass offers a vast selection of glass options for the multiple layers laminated glass to meet your specific requirements.

Size range

Oversize Glass Configurations available up to 3300mm*13000mm.

glass Thickness Options

Single glass panel thickness: 4mm~19mm, up to 7 layers.

Glass Types Options

Tinted glass, Energy-saving glass, Decorative glass, Curved glass, Insulated glass, etc.

Multiple Layers Laminated Glass Characteristics

Resistance from attacks: Vandalism, Physical attacks, Ballistic; Sound Attenuation; Extreme weather protection; Architectural security, etc.

Multiple Layers Laminated Glass Applications

Glass floor; Glass bridge; Architectural security; Prisons; Detention centers; Embassies; Banks; Aquarium, ect.

Shape Options

Flat and Curved.

Components and Enhancements


Discover our wide range of glass edgework options and let our team fulfill your specific requirements

Notches & Cutouts

Submit your drawings and let us fulfill all your requirements.


Our team drilling ensure precision in every hole to meet your requirements.

Glass Options

Discover the perfect glass combination for optimal performance.

Interlayer Film Options

Best function (Energy Saving, Soundproofing, Decoration) effect with a variety of interlayer options.

Samples & Mockup

Please feel free to reach out to us for samples before beginning mass production.

everything you may want to know about Multiple Layers Laminated Glass

Multiple Layers Laminated Glass is composed of at least three panes of glass by PVB or SGP film. Shenzhen Dragon Glass multiple layers laminated glass up to 7 layers.

Generally speaking, the combination of Low iron glass and SGP interlayer is used, which has excellent load-bearing capacity, reduces the weight of the glass, and can achieve super clear visual effects.

Using multiple layers laminated glass has several benefits. It provides increased security as the strength of the glass increases with each additional layer, making it more difficult to break. Additionally, it dampens sound significantly more than single-pane glass; this makes it an ideal choice for noise reduction in busy areas. Furthermore, laminated glass is an effective way to reduce UV rays.

Multiple Laminated glass consists of more pieces of glass held together by a durable interlayer. The interlayer holds the glass pieces firmly in place even when shattered, preventing the shards from spreading and eliminating the risk of injury. In addition to this, by using multiple layers of glass and a strong interlayer, laminated glass provides an extra layer of protection that standard single-pane glass cannot match. It is also impact resistant, making it perfect for areas where there is a higher risk of breakage or accidental damage.

Multiple layers laminated glass can be split into two major types: Curved multiple layers laminated glass and flat multiple layers laminated glass. Shenzhen Dragon Glass Both can achieve production of up to 7 layers.

The interlayer acts as a sound barrier, absorbing and dampening the noise from outside sources. This means it is ideal for applications where sound insulation is important such as office buildings or homes.

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